Where Events are Different

We execute our expertise in every event because we value your expectations.

Sawa creative team are well experienced in conceptualizing remarkable ideas that will surely attract an utmost number of guests in every event

About SAWA

Sawa Group is specialized in creating exhibitions, concerts and other entertainment shows with international standard through its amazing team expertise.

Services Co.’s goal is to bring forth business after business and clients after clients to your company.

We have gotten a good rate in credibility to host exhibitions, to present an artist on stage and to promote various brands in any given industry. We want you to feel that we take responsibility in giving you results for your business once you entrust us to feature your brand in our shows and exhibition. 

rtists from all walk of the world are welcome to give us the chance to highlight your songs and chosen genre in our concerts. Variety shows will be expected in the coming days which will not only promote a lot of talented performers but their individual ethnicity and culture as well.



Proud to bring you in professionalism 



The most trending artists will be featured on the most known and prestigious hotel stages in Bahrain and other neighboring countries. We will make it a point that we will give you online and social media updates on the latest music and the artist behind it. Our creative team guarantee that we will bring the region to an utmost enjoyment in every concert.


Fun filled and excitements awaits all the visitors who will attend the line up of variety show of Sawa Productions. From musical themes, circuses, ethnic parties and a lot more. Sawa Group aim to target all ages in terms of coming up with variety of shows.



Make your brand known through us. We are complete with facilities and creative people to assure that the right medium in sales and marketing will serve its purpose for your company and your product. We got what It takes to exhibit your product because of the numerous contacts and undeniable experience we have in exhibiting different lines of businesses and industries.